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The castle is currently closed, apologies for any inconvenience.

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Stars align for our new audio guide

Our brand-new audio guide has launched at the castle and we are very excited! A fabulous line up of well know voices, historians and specialists who work in the castle will take visitors on a wonderful journey through the castle’s infamous past.

Low angle view of Edinburgh Castle taken from the bottom of Castle Rock. It looks towering and imposing.

A star-studded cast

The castle is a treasure trove of stories and secrets. Our new audio guide lifts the lid on fascinating people and events who have featured in the castle’s long history. An an array of notable names from the fields of film, television and entertainment have lent their voices to the new audio guide. This includes four-time Oscar nominee Saoirse Ronan, celebrated TV and movie actor Bill Paterson and Outlander’s Andrew Gower.

The guide is narrated by broadcasters Sally Magnusson and Eddie Mair. Many of the cast read first person accounts of important events and episodes from the castle’s rich history and bringing to life figures such as Bonnie Prince Charlie, Sir Walter Scott and Oliver Cromwell. Others are interviewed to shed light on stories and buildings and to explore its living legacy.

History Galore

The celebrity cast is also joined by a host of experts and specialists who work in the castle today, offering visitors an insight into the workings of the 21st century castle. They include the One O’Clock Gunner, the man who descended to the bottom of the Fore Well and the woman who conserves the armour.

Readings of poetry, prose and biography with some verses in Gaelic, medieval Scots and Old Welsh that go back 1,400 years into the castle’s past. Two pieces of music from the 13th and 18th centuries were recorded specifically for the project.

A soldier in uniform stands beside a field gun holding an artillery shell.
The One O’Clock Gun and Gunner

Our new audio guide was developed by Historic Environment Scotland and produced in collaboration with Antenna International. It is believed to be the first of its kind to tell both historic and contemporary stories about a heritage site through such a wide range of different voices. It is available in 11 languages including Portuguese, Simplified Chinese and Korean.

Among those lending their voice to the new guide is Ian Rankin. Rankin is best known as author of the Rebus series of detective novels. Commenting on the new audio guide, he said:

“For many people around the globe Edinburgh Castle IS Edinburgh. It is symbolic of the city’s staying power and majesty and remains a focus of local and national pride.”

Ian Rankin
Photo portrait of author Ian Rankin

Ian Rankin © Hamish Brown

Let our audio guide take you on an incredible journey as you immerse yourself in the castle’s fascinating history. Don’t miss out!

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